On a gray tiled floor many children lie on their backs, mostly in pairs, looking up at the ceiling. Some of them look through paper sheets rolled into tubes.
On a gray tiled floor many children lie on their backs, mostly in pairs, looking up at the ceiling. Some of them look through paper sheets rolled into tubes.
Emilie Gossiaux, Dancing with London, 2021, photo: Leonore Schubert

Schools and day-care centres

Guided tours on specific themes and school projects can be booked in consultation with the museum education department. We request that you let us know in advance if you plan to visit the museum with a school class.

Please register 14 days in advance
+49 69 21240691 (Mon-Thu, 9 am–2 pm)

In a monthly newsletter, the museum education department publicizes the current dates of offers for schools and day-care centres as well as special events. To subscribe to the newsletter, click here.

Guided tours

During the guided tours, we discuss selected works in depth. By prior arrangement, it is also possible to select specific focal points in order to build on the content of the class instruction. The guided tours invite you to a conversation at any time.

Secondary school classes of more than 20 persons and primary school classes of more than 15 persons are divided into two simultaneously guided groups wherever possible.

Guided tours are available on request in English, French, Spanish, Brazilian, Croatian, Turkish, Italian, simple language and in sign language as well as with detailed descriptions for people with visual impairments.

Duration: approx. 1 hour
Fee: 3 € per person

Guided tour plus workshop

Following a guided tour, participants can examine aspects of the exhibition in more depth – taking a practical approach – in a one-hour workshop. The workshops are offered for different age groups. In keeping with the artistic approaches, works and exhibition themes discussed during the tour, participants have the opportunity to produce their own photographs, collages, paintings, texts, stagings, sculptures or models.


For Intensivklassen, the MMK has worked with class teachers and the State of Hesse board of education to design a free offer. The aim is to develop a more diverse approach to language through an in-depth examination of art.

The offer consists of a three-part module. Initially, materials are made available for in-class preparation for the museum visit, from the point of view of both content and language. In the museum, the group then examines the architecture and individual artworks more closely and discusses them with the museum education staff over a period of two hours. In the subsequent writing workshop, the participants have the opportunity to work creatively with words and writing. Using typewriters, stamps, collages and other techniques, they create their own booklet for the exhibition.

Duration: approx. 2 hours
Free of charge
The preparatory materials are available at the cashier’s desk in the main building of the MUSEUMMMK, by post or in digital form.

Project day

Experience the MUSEUMMMKFÜR MODERNE KUNST intensively in one day: the project day is dedicated to either an exhibition in the MUSEUMMMK, the ZOLLAMTMMK or the TOWERMMK. The three-hour project day enables concentrated work in and with the respective exhibition. Individual positions are discussed in detail and linked with each other.

Project days can be thematically individually coordinated and conceived. We are happy to respond to requests, such as linking to teaching content or projects.

For the current exhibition Marcel Duchamp, The Secret of the Box – The Game for the Exhibition can also be booked as a project day with a maximum of 15 people.

Duration: 3 hours
Fee: 9 € per person

Introduction for teachers

For each exhibition, we offer an introduction to the accompanying museum education programme for teachers and educators.

Participation is free, please register by calling
+49 69 21240691 (Mon-Thu, 9 am–2 pm) or writing to

School sponsorship

As a school sponsor, you enable a school to use the MMK’s museum education programme for school classes free of charge for a period of one year.

Interested parties please call + 49 69 212 30113.