Charlotte Posenenske, Vierkantrohre der Serie D, 1967, photo: Axel Schneider



The project HIDDEN calls attention to works in the collection of the MUSEUMMMKFÜR MODERNE KUNST that seemingly elude our gaze. This site introduces artworks that wile in a realm between visibility, semi-visibility and apparent invisibility. They appear in the outdoor space only at night or are located in rooms to which no one, or only some, have access, that afford a glimpse of themselves through no more than a small window or are presented coincidentally, by way of a personal encounter, are immured deep in the museum walls, or are not perceived as art despite their conspicuous presence.

You can acquaint yourself with each of the following works by way of various interactions: Double Shell (2001) by Massimo Bartolini, Light lab (1/12) (2006) by Olafur Eliasson, Raum unter der Treppe (1993) by Fischli/Weiss, Sold (1996) by Ceal Floyer, Wandmalerei (1991) by Günther Förg, Vierkantrohre, Serie D (1967) by Charlotte Posenenske, Atmosphere & Instinct (1998) by Pipilotti Rist, Schwarzes Quadrat in Wand (1994) by Gregor Schneider, The Museum of Unfinished Art (2010) by Shane Munro, Weihnachten 1940 (2006) by Andreas Slominski.

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