In a close-up you can see that part of a chain-link fence where the mesh is riveted to the fence post.


Documentation of the symposium

Taking place within the framework of the exhibitions Cady Noland and Because I live here, the symposium On Violence examined structural violence and specific forms of violence in their multifarious dimensions. To what extent are different manifestations of violence interrelated,

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Further Information about the exhibition Because I live here

2/3 March 2019

Susanne Pfeffer: Introduction

Daniel Loick: Anarchy or Barbarism? Thoughts on Violence

Alberto Toscano: Sadism to Solidarity—Notes on Art, Philosophy and the Algerian War

Sayak Valencia: Gore Capitalism

Klaus Theweleit: The Fragmented Body. Feeling “free” through Violence

Victoria Sanford: The Disappeared of Guatemala

Vanessa Eileen Thompson: The Policed of the Earth: On Conditions of Un-Breathing and the Possibilities of Abolitionist Horizons

Nina Power: Philosophy as Self-Defence

Geoffroy de Lagasnerie: Can We Be in Favor of Violence?

Patrisse Khan-Cullors: Black Lives Matter and Art

Closing discussion

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