A mirror with a silver frame is attached to a white wall. In front of it, just below the center, is a metal bar, which is also attached to the wall. A small orange revolver and black handcuffs hang from it in front of the mirror.  Image: Cady Noland, The Mirror Device, 1987, photo: Axel Schneider.


Documentation of the symposium

One Day on Cady Noland seeks to revive the discursive debate that—owing to Noland’s long withdrawal from exhibition activity—has taken place only on occasion over the past years. The lectures examined her work from art- and cultural-historical, philosophical and artistic perspectives. In the process, such issues as her artistic method, aspects of (post-)minimalism, objectification, transgression, or the differences between socially accepted and terrorist violence as a means of individuation will present themselves for discussion.

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27 April 2019

Susanne Pfeffer: Introduction

Inka Meißner: No Symbols, no Trade

Larne Abse Gogarty: For your own Security

Peter Osborne: The Obviousness and Opaqueness of the 80s: Cady Noland’s Dirty Minimalism, Squeaky Clean

Jeannine Tang: Couplings and Uncouplings

Diedrich Diederichsen: Hardware Store and Transgression: Doing your Thing

All Years: 2019

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Cady Noland