Documentation of the symposium

Within the framework of the exhibition Museum, in which art offers scope for the Other and its visualization, for freedom, transgression, and resistance, the symposium is intended as an invitation to contemplate the societies in which we live–and want to live.

Further information about the exhibition Museum

 25/26 January 2020

Kristina Hasenpflug: Welcome

Susanne Pfeffer: Introduction

Aria Dean: Bad Infinity

Lea Ypi: Immigration and Social Class

Geoffroy de Lagasnerie: Is Democracy a Relevant Concept for Thinking about Politics?

Rainer Forst: The Performativity of Power

Gurminder K Bhambra: Performing Society, Reforming Society: From Progress to Reparations

Natasha Lennard: Liberatory Language Games and Anti-Fascist Speech Acts: Why We Need a Better Understanding of Truth and Meaning-Making in the Fight for Social Justice

Nina Power: We Live in a Society: Ironic Belonging and Meme-Being in a Post-Public Age

Tiziana Terranova: Hypersocial Planetarization

Matteo Pasquinelli: Tools, Numbers, Machines and Algorithms: A Social History of Artificial Intelligence

Markus Gabriel: Fiction, Imagination, and Social Facts—The Dialectical Glue of Society

All Years: 2020

All Categories: Symposium